Thought I had tried everything

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Jane is a true professional! I suffer from allergies in spring and always have. I feel that I have tried everything and the only thing that seems to give me some relief is Benadryl but feel drowsy for hours. This year in particular is one of the worst years ever for allergies and I was entering a business meeting last week with some heavy symptoms; congestion, sinus pressure, itchy nose / face, etc. Jane, knowing I had bad allergies told me to sit down and performed Jin Shin Jyutsu on my back, shoulders and arms for a few min before the meeting started. Sure enough! 2 – 3 min later I was clear headed, no sniffles and little to no itchiness! FOR THE REST OF THE DAY! I have never had that happen before in my life and know I will be seeing Jane more for her help. If you have never tried Jin Shin Jyutsu before you must see Jane for a season.