Lindajoy Says

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How do I know that Jane’s jin shin treatments work for me?
I hadn’t seen her in several years but when a persistant pain in my right leg wouldn’t go away, I set up an appointment. When I arrived for and checked in with her, I remembered that I also had been suffering from unusual fatigue for several months even though I had taken a break from work. The treatment time was enriching. I enjoyed first a brief chat and then fell into a quiet relaxation.

I write this on the next morning, knowing it will take at least a couple of good walks and perhaps a week or so to know if my discomfort and fatigue are totally gone. Jane told me my body will continue to process the treatment over a 24-hour period. Five more hours to go. And if I practice her self-help suggestions, I bet progress will continue beyond that. Based on my first observations, it seems the treatment was exactly what I needed.

Here are my first observations.
• I felt lighter as I walked down the stairs from her office building.
• I got into my car and when I turned to check traffic I was surprised to notice that my spine glided further than normal.
• I felt happier and lighter the rest of the day and stayed up to watch a movie.
• I noticed that my toes (part of where the leg pain lodged) were much more supple.
• The next morning, I awoke feeling much more rested and much more awake than I’ve felt for some time.
• I feel focused today and ready to get back to work.
• I notice my posture is balanced.
• I weigh exactly the same as I did yesterday and that’s a disappointment. But, truly, I feel lighter.