Jin shin for support during Cancer treatments

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I can honestly say that I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last several months without Jane’s knowledge and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu to support both my body and my mind.

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I was looking for an alternative practice to use in conjunction with the western medicine recommendations. I wanted something that could support my physical healing before and after surgery as well as ease the emotional stress of the diagnosis and the many changes that it brings to my life.

A friend referred me to the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and I am grateful to have found Jane. She is warm, caring, professional, and communicates easily. I felt comfortable immediately.

I”m usually a very active person, working out several times a week and I would often get massages to help relieve the muscle tension. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work out or get massages for some time while recovering. This was concerning to me, but I have found that after a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu, I am totally relaxed.
It’s an inner relaxation, deeper and longer lasting than if I had gone for a massage. There is also a mental clarity, and peace that stays with me for days at a time. The anxiety and stress are just gone.
I feel that my body has healed quickly with the Jin Shin treatments and I have had a more positive outlook on life. It’s been a blessing for me and I will continue to have session with Jane as the treatments continue.