Eduardo Barr Says

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It has been 8 days since my session with Jane. My main complaint when I scheduled my appointment was low energy. During the session a number of other issues presented themselves; insomnia, chronic arthritic pain, spinal curvature and tension from worry, to name a few. I am a professional body worker myself and I think I’m pretty aware of my body. As soon as Jane placed her hands on my body things began to happen. I became aware of tight muscles as they released beneath the subtlest but deftly placed touch. I became more and more relaxed as the session proceeded and I began to feel uplifted, peaceful and very grateful.

The session went by like a flash, and as I left Jane’s office and walked to my car, I noticed my stride and gate were smooth, flowing and effortless; impressive given that I just had a total knee replacement last October and that my walking had also become affected by pretty pronounced curvature of the spine. 🙂

These last 8 days have been extraordinary. So many things keep coming more clearly into focus. For one thing I’m getting some sleep! And my energy level is well above where it’s been.

Maybe the biggest thing so far is that I am feeling the possibility of continued healing in areas that I had really become very resigned about. Oh, and yes my friends are commenting how great I look.I can’t wait to schedule my next session.

Jane you are an angel. Thank you for everything.