(Self) Help for the Sleepless

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Method 1:  A simple way to harmonize a condition of insomnia is to hold the thumb including the pad of your thumb.  Hold left then right (or vice versa) until you feel a pulse in each (or hold for 2 minutes if pulse is not detected). To maximize the result, exhale, drop your shoulders, smile and naturally inhale as you hold each digit.  Many people do multiples of 9 exhalations and inhalations, up to 36 times per thumb. You can do this breathing practice with each finger hold or flow below.

Method 2:  Place thumbs or finger or fingers on LEFT and RIGHT base of skull.  This can be done sitting down, standing or lying down.

Method 3: Place left hand on right base of skull, right hand on left cheek bone.  Then right hand on left base of skull, left hand on right cheek bone.

Method 4:  Hold right ring finger with the left hand and then left ring finger with the right hand.

Try these and soon you will be sleeping like  a baby!

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