Muscle Strain and Pain

Here in Northern California, spring has definitely sprung! Along with the warmer weather comes the aches and pains of using our muscles in ways they haven’t been used all winter – outdoor exercise, gardening and warm weather projects. If you find yourself with aching muscles here’s a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help technique that can help the muscles let go and relax. You’ll be using Jin Shin Jyutsu’s safety energy lock #8 which is a point located at the outside back of the knee on the head (the knobby part) of the fibula bone. #8 picture

To utilize this hold, simply find the points – one on each knee – let up on the pressure, relax your shoulders, breathe and hold these points for 3-5 minutes.  When these points release I experience a sort of ‘whoosh’ through my whole body and an immediate body-wide relaxation.  This hold also helps with rhythm, strength and peace in the body, the body’s thermostat and for releasing tension in the pelvic girdle area.  This takes a bit of practice but it is definitely worth putting some time into.  The results are great!

Happy Spring and Jin Shinning!


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