Jin Shin Jyutsu for the Holidays

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For some it is a lonely time with friends and family far away, difficulty making ends meet financially or loved ones lost.  For most the winter weather poses stress on our bodies; shorter days giving us less sunlight and often causing the depression of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The colder weather can challenge our immune system resulting in colds and flu and it is generally more difficult to get the helpful physical exercise we are used to in summertime.

Using Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help techniques we can help ourselves release the stress and strain of the holidays leaving us relaxed and free to enjoy the holidays no matter what our situation.

While there are many, many self help techniques you could use, one that I find very useful this time of year CALMS the MIND and the NERVES.  There is a point on the outside of the wrist (little finger side of the wrist)  and it is in the ‘bowl’ just above the wrist bone (ulna).  See the photo for the location.  In Jin Shin Jyutsu this is known as the #17 and among other things, the #17 helps to calm the mind and nerves.  You just lightly hold this point, relax your shoulders and breathe and in a few minutes you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

May you and yours have a peaceful and healthy holiday season!

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