I’m dancing as fast as I can

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Now we use it to get the kids to school on time, get to that appointment, drive in traffic, you get the picture.  It serves the same purpose but we get into a habit of it in our typical western lifestyle and use our adrenal energy edge way too much.  Over time this can lead to adrenal fatigue where we are just out of energy all the time and can never seem to get rested and rejuvenated.

There are many things we can do for ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu to help prevent adrenal fatigue.  One of them is to hold your 23 (on the back where the ribs meet the spine near the waist) while also holding the opposite 1 (inside of the knee).  Relax your shoulders and breathe.  Hold this for a few minutes  then switch and do the other side 23 and opposite 1.  You will start to feel a balance and energy return.  (By the way, if your adrenals are already fatigued you might need some full Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions to clear things out so the self help is more effective.)

Another thing that is very interesting and helpful along these lines is this.  When we go into an adrenal mode studies show that we instinctively clench our jaw to protect our face, we raise our shoulders to protect our neck and we make a fist to protect our hands.  When you relax your jaw, your shoulders and your fingers you physically cannot be in an adrenal mode-seriously!  And remember to breath as you relax.  Practice this and see if you don’t find yourself getting out of and staying out of that adrenal mode more easily.  I have found it pretty interesting.

We are now moving toward a busy time of year so I invite you to practice these two techniques now to help yourself deal with the coming onslaught of ‘doing’, being able to  regenerate and re-invigorate!

Be well!

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